Dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning

An effective cleaning of your vehicle

Dry ice cleaning is an effective way of cleaning. This removes stubborn dirt, such as oil, grease and wax, without the need for unfriendly chemicals.


Dry ice cleaning makes it easy to remove glue, wax, binders and separating agents, silicone and rubber residues, paints and lacquers, ink or graffiti. We work with a dry ice blasting machine. The dry ice is sprayed at high speed onto the object to be cleaned. Oil and grease, tar, bitumen, chewed gum and many other contaminants are removed from a wide variety of surfaces without residues.


You can contact us directly to make an appointment for dry ice cleaning.

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We are the specialist in the field of dry ice cleaning. We do not see the thorough cleaning of your car as something that must, but as a passion. Experience it for yourself and make an appointment!