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Carcleaning Vrijs

Professional car cleaning company for individuals and companies

Carcleaning Vrijs in ‘s-Heerenberg is a modern company where you can go for washing, reconditioning and details of your car, company car, truck, old-timer, boat and / or caravan. We stand for service, craftsmanship and quality.

  • Multiple services for a good price
  • Use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly products
  • Pay your carcleaning safely and quickly
  • Trained and skilled staff

What we do

Do you want to make your car shine like new again? We offer the right treatment to get your vehicle back in optimal condition. Make sure your car is in top condition again!
Dry ice cleaning
Dry ice cleaning is an effective method of cleaning. This removes stubborn dirt, such as oil, grease and wax, without the use of unkind chemicals.
Paint armor
A paint armor protects your vehicle – after cleaning – against dirt, but also against extreme weather conditions and the influence of UV radiation. It restores the color and shine of the paint.

Onze service

Carcleaning Vrijs offers a unique hand washing service. All our reliable employees handle your vehicle with care.

Hand wash & dry
Personal attention
Flexible and fast

Who are we?

Meet our professionals

We share that passion that you have for your car. We do not see cleaning and cleaning your car as something that is necessary, but as a passion.

Patrick Buiting
Patrick Buiting
Company director